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Specs on the New Rear Axle

July 19th, 2008 Posted in Rear Axle, Tech

Another half-off sale at Pick-N-Pull and another new axle! This one is a rear Dana 60 from a ’92 E-350.

It’s got a smoooooth, “factory shaved”, bottom…

3.5″ axle tubes…

and it had drum brakes.

The diff on this axle is offset to the driver’s side by about 3″ and it’s about 66.5″ wide (WMS to WMS).

The spindles on this axle are already large enough to run 1.5″, 35 spline, shafts, but it came with 32 spline ones.

The spindle nut on this axle is different to me. It’s a one-piece unit where the edge farthest away from the spindle doesn’t spin, and the part that threads on to the spindle only spins if pressure is not applied toward the center of the axle. Interesting design… seemed to work pretty well. My standard Dana 60 rear spindle nut socket did not fit, but I was able to spin it out with a screwdriver and hammer.

The outside bearing surface on the spindle is 2″ in diameter.

The space between the two bearings is about 2.16″ in diameter.

The inside bearing surface is 2.25″ in diameter.

The seal surface is 2.78″ in diameter.

And finally… this will give you a general idea of the bearing spacing. I may get more in depth with this later for the rear disc conversion.

So… you may be thinking that I just described, in detail, a Dana 60U… well… not according to the BOM…

The Spicer website just lists it as a regular old Dana 60. Fine by me!

Dana 60 ISU?

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